The Sound Production Company in Orange County You Want on Your Team!

The Sound is a critical part of your production no matter what that production is, PacWest Sound is the place to turn for expert, experienced sound production. Whether it is a sound system rental in Orange County, video equipment rental, speaker rental, or expert sound technicians, it is PacWest Sound that you can depend on.

Dependable Quality

Our equipment is state of the art and can provide you with the dependable quality you need for your event or production. There are so many things that affect the outcome of your event or production, but with PacWest on your team, you can rest assured that the sound will always be perfect. We pride ourselves on the level of performance that our equipment has to offer.

Dependable Services

The quality of our equipment is only matched by the quality of our services. Our highly skilled staff is ready to:

  • Help you design or redesign your listening space whether it is a concert hall, outdoor arena, home studio and more. We user our expertise and experience to deliver a sound system that is perfect for your space.
  • Our skilled sound engineers are ready to work with performers and clients on site
  • We are here to share our expertise with you. No matter how big or how intimate your production is, we have the perfect solution and equipment.

Our Inventory

While we are best known for our sound equipment rental, we are constantly evolving to add new products to our equipment rental inventory to help our clients have all their production needs to be met under one roof. We are always adding a new state of the art equipment to our lengthy list of inventories. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and services!

Pacific West Sound